• 18 December 2014
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We Love Your Genes

What becomes a model most? Many aspiring models attend open calls, submit headshots and portfolios online, enter pageants, or ask “Do I have what it takes?” Well, we’ve heard you, and we’re here to help you accomplish your wildest dreams!

Introducing @WeLoveYourGenes (#WLYG), the new Instagram scouting account from @IMGmodels dedicated to finding new modeling talent around the world! 

No matter your heritage, parentage, or background, We Love Your Genes. We’ve already signed nearly one dozen girls, and we are currently working to develop their careers. Follow us @WeLoveYourGenes on Instagram as we tell their stories, and you might get discovered yourself!

We spotted Gizele (@giizeleoliveira), a 21-year-old Brazilian bombshell from Vitória, on Instagram, and we knew we had to sign her. Now she’s one of our #IMGirls in New York and Paris. We also found Mies  (@miesmagrijn), a 16-year-old field hockey player and model from Holland, and Ellie Watkinson (@elliewatkinson7) a 16-year-old art student from Cheshire, UK who loves to paint and draw, and model (naturally!).

Perhaps you're like Linn Odda (@linnodda), a Swedish superstar in the making, who at 14-years-old, is one of the first girls IMG's Jeni Rose scouted on Instagram! There’s also Sofia Rivolta (@sofiarivolta), a 16-year-old beauty enjoying a year in Wisconsin as an exchange student from Milan, Italy!

At #WLYG, we’re looking for that indescribable charisma, that thing that makes you stop in your tracks and “double tap.” What becomes a model most? Whether it's blonde hair, brown hair, long hair, short hair, or no hair, we are looking for you!

Take, for instance, Isabella Tomkins (@isabellatomkins), a student from North Queensland, Australia who models and blogs at 8fourteen, or Gabi Konopko (@gabikonopko), a 15-year-old beauty from London. Or perhaps you’re like Diana Titova (@_dianatitova) who was born in the Ukraine, and Malaga, Spain as a child. Now the 14-year-old is starting her modeling career in Madrid.

Don’t believe us? Want insider tips? Listen to Luna Sobrino, a 16-year-old from Malaga, Spain who we scouted on social. @LunaSobrino: “As you can see on my Instagram, it's a clear example of myself. Show yourself as you truly are, with a beautiful smile, enjoying life showing what truly matters to you, your hobbies just your honest self."

There’s also Isabell Klem (@blueisabell), an 18-year-old Hawaiian beach babe discovered by our Vice President Jeni Rose (@imgmodels.development.jenirose), who we flew to New York City; it was her first time in the Big Apple.

We’ve signed girls from around the globe—sisters, friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of other friends—and you’re on our radar. We discovered 14-year-old Ashlynn White (@ashlynn_white) in Holland through her older sister’s budding passion for photography.

From Kate, Daria, and Lara, to Miranda, Karlie, and Joan, everyone has a “discovery” or “scouting” story. There’s no need to wait to get discovered at your local mall, or in an airport, in the age of Instagram.

Follow @WeLoveYourGenes and tag your photos (and your friends’ photos!) with #WLYG for a chance to IMGetScouted!