Model Prepration

Go inside IMG Models’ unique mentorship program, Model Prep, where industry professionals and veteran models share expertise and experience with our emerging talent. Round table conversations cover a broad range of subjects as disparate as cyber security and skincare, with an emphasis on gaining practical information and life skills, as well as building community with fellow models and our IMG managers.


Here you can find the resources recommended by our very own Romola Ratnam & Judy Matz and Fashion Our Future founder, Abrima Erwiah. Together we can align  to mobilize our audiences to vote.  See you at the polls November 3rd!


Sexual Harassment

It’s important to recognize if you’ve been sexually harassed - understand what behaviors constitute it, and learn what you can do if you’ve been harassed. Don’t keep silent – reaching out for help is critically important in protecting yourself and in creating an environment that doesn’t tolerate unacceptable behavior.


Eating Disorders

How you can identify an eating disorder in yourself or others, and what you can do to re-establish a healthy relationship with food.



Depression and other diagnosable mental illnesses are more common than you realize – and you don’t have to suffer alone. Recognize the signs that something is “off”, and take advantage of resources that are there to help you.