The Model Scouts

Episode 1: Pilot

Scouts Jeni Rose and David Cunningham scour Ireland for the next great model. Thousands apply, just 12 will compete

Episode 2: Kildare

The girls leave home for the first time and must adjust quickly. Their first test: fashion boot camp and a runway show for 

Episode 3: London

The remaining girls travel to London to focus on castings. Professional photo shoots help them build portfolios but also 

Episode 4: Paris

The contestants are photographed in Paris. To remain safe, they must master the catwalk with a famed runway consultant and former model.

Episode 5: Sydney

The girls must attempt to launch their careers at Australian Fashion Week. If no designers pick them, they won't walk in any shows.

Episode 6: Australian Fashion Week

Casting agents make their decisions. The models get runway coaching before the shows. Fashion Week ends and so does one more girl’s journey.

Episode 7: New York City

The final four get photographed and attend a red carpet event in the world's toughest market. One girl makes a shocking impression at Teen Vogue. Jeni and David make another elimination.

Episode 8: Finale

Jeni and David visit the finalists at home. In Dublin, they have one last chance to improve their greatest weaknesses. Surprise guests convene a secret meeting to choose the winner.