Ajak | Numéro Russia September 2017

Ajak | Numéro Russia September 2017
28 August 2017

Prepare to believe in the beyond. Ajak Deng covers and appears in a futuristic editorial for Numéro Russia’s September 2017 issue. The model, who’s million-watt smile and velvet-like skin always command attention, rollicks through the desert sands with appearances from all things alienesque including UFOs, churning windmills, and the downright defiance of gravity. In the spread, Ajak wears pieces that amp up the sense of “otherness”. Standout looks include a super oversized bubble coat, shot with direct flash against a technicolor, desert sunset, and wet-look leather immersed in murky water.

Publication: Numéro Russia
Photographer: Egor Tsodov