Carolyn Murphy | InStyle September 2017

09 August 2017
Carolyn Murphy | InStyle September 2017

Carolyn Murphy has been low-maintenance chic way before it became cool. The woman who embodies what comes to mind whenever the word “supermodel” is uttered graces the September cover of InStyle to reminisce on her heyday, but more importantly, look forward.

Exuding the heart of small town America, Carolyn’s spread makes tending to the farm and relaxing with a Budweiser look high fashion in a way only she can. Utility jumpsuits, shearling wool and sturdy, farmer’s denim paint the story of a teen from the Florida Panhandle who suddenly found herself rubbing shoulders with household names while simultaneously building one of her own.

Now leading into her 16th year as the spokeswoman for Estée Lauder, Carolyn talks launching her lifestyle brand –– that will serve as a counterculture to the hyper-fast technology age we know today: will take a back-to-basics approach to lifestyle, featuring stories along with a curated shop of items made in America. “Right now I feel there is a great disconnect because of technology—or having this need to move on to the next thing,” says Murphy of our mile-a-minute times. “Whether it’s dating apps or 50 different toothpastes in the pharmacy, it can be very overwhelming.”

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Model(s): Carolyn Murphy
Photographer: Matthew Sprout
Stylist: Laura Ferrara