IMG Originals | On Beauty

IMG Originals | On Beauty
14 March 2018

  • Garrett Neff
  • Benji Staker
  • Efosa
  • Tobias Sorensen
  • Jacob Bixenman
  • Benj Draper
  • Rockwell
  • Miles Chamley-Watson
  • Zheng

For this series, I selected a diverse group of male models who I felt encapsulated a deep sense of tenderness. Each portrait embodies a quality of fragility, rawness, and vulnerability. There is a preconceived notion in society that makes these attributes more difficult for men to recognize as courageous and powerful.  Through these images, I hope to challenge and reconfigure this perception into the sentiment that true strength lies in the ability to unveil the most sensitive parts of oneself.

Model(s): Benji Staker, Efosa, Garrett Neff, JACOB BIXENMAN, Miles Chamley-Watson, Rockwell, Tobias Sorensen, Zheng, Benj Draper
Photographer: Emily Rabinowitz