IMG Originals | Diana Silvers | The Roommate

IMG Originals | Diana Silvers | The Roommate
25 October 2018

Fresh-faced favorite and actress on the rise, Diana Silvers, has been biding her time, waiting for this very moment. While racking up editorial spreads in international editions of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire, the brunette who's loved for her willingness to be real (as in unflattering tagged photos from friends but on your main feed kind of real) has also been prepping for her big break on the silver screen. Now, she's finished filming her first lead role in the soon-to-be released thriller, Ma, and is more than ready to take on her next challenge. While showing off the party looks of the moment in a Brooklyn apartment you don't let slip through your fingers, the starlet in the making sits down with IMG Originals to talk her non-linear path to acting, passion projects and keeping social media fun.

Photography Aaron Michael
Styling Alison Domurat
Words and interview Simedar Jackson 
Make-up Misha Shahzada
Hair Elsa Canedo

Q: First things first, tell me about where you grew up.
D: So, I grew up in west L.A. in Brentwood. It's  a smaller town within Los Angeles. Kind of bougie.

Q:When did you know you were interested in acting?
D: I've always liked acting like I liked doing theatre when I was younger I started when I was maybe six or seven. My Dad put me in the Santa Monica Playhouse which was really fun. And then when was around 12 or 13 I decided I wanted to pursue a career in film and potentially writing and directing.

Q: After you came to that realization what was your first step?
D: Nothing really. It was just my little dream. The one summer we didn't have internet I wrote a really bad screenplay about fairies. Then I just did small things at my high school. At the time I was still playing really competitive tennis and that's what my parents thought I was going to do with my life even though I knew I wasn't going to do that. Senior year of high school I auditioned for college and got into NYU and that's where I thought I would just pick it up from there.

Q: What do you consider your first real moment with acting when you got to school?
D: None, ha! One of my teachers- who will remain nameless- kind of made me feel like I was in a box and was already typecasting me. And I was like, wait, just because I look a certain way doesn't mean that's all I'm going to be able to play. I want to play everything! I don't want to feel like I'm going to be limited because I model or because I'm tall. So I actually ended up leaving the acting program after a year and started to pursue a history major with a film minor. I figured learning about the world in which we come from and how people are and what they do throughout life is what acting is. You're storytelling and you're breathing life.

Q: Is this when modeling came into the picture?
D: Yeah, I really started working during my sophomore year in college because I wasn't in the acting studio all day long. That kind of took over. I got really busy. Junior year first semester I booked my first little thing on Glass which is the follow-up to Split and Unbreakable  by M. Night Shyamalan. And my BIG BREAK (said with amusement and implied air quotes) will be the film [Ma] I just worked on in Mississippi with Tate Taylor and Octavia Spencer. It's my first lead!

Q: After being busy with modeling for so long how did you transition back towards acting?
D: Well modeling was always something I did and am still doing to pay the bills. I'm really fortunate that I work because it is a cutthroat industry, as much as acting if not more because there's not much that sets you apart from other people other than the way you look. So it was just a matter of time and waiting for the right role at the right moment. It was a lot of hard work. Even earning the right to meet with a manager it was certainly a process.

Q: What's your day look like when you're filming?
D: WHEW! When I'm filming it's like I have a 5 a.m. call time in hair and makeup.I'm shooting a 14-hour day. It's a lot of sitting around and waiting for camera set-ups but it's still exhausting. The emotional labor is really exhausting. By the time I get home I just go to sleep. I don't think I looked at my phone for like a month and a half when I was filming.

Q: That's a big feat considering you're pretty active on social media and have quite a following on Instagram. How does social media play into your experiences as a model and an actor?
D: I think social media has too much power. I think, for me, I never thought of it as how can I use social media to get me jobs. People definitely approach it that way, but I've never seen it like that. I've seen it as this is for fun. But people want to see certain things and I'll post something not because I necessarily want to, but because I followers may want to know what I'm up to. And for modeling, sometimes you'll go to a casting and they'll ask you how many followers you have and I always think that's so weird.  Luckily I haven't run into the same thing with acting, but I know people look at it. I met with a director once and he told me he loved my photography. Clearly he saw my photography on Instagram. It's this medium to get to know someone in a sense. I still try not to think about it though.

Q: You mentioned photography and screenwriting. How often do you get to work on those "side-hustles", we'll call them.
D: Well photography has always just been a passion hobby. I shot a lot when I was on set which I think is going to be something just really special to look back on throughout the years. And screenwriting is so much fun I love it. It's like you're playing God. You get to create this whole universe and these characters with backstories and they're yours which is really special. I just finished my second draft of my first screenplay, second if we count the one about the fairies. I'm excited to get feedback from my confidantes and maybe one day I'll get to make it!