IMG Originals | Summer of Scorch '05

IMG Originals | Summer of Scorch '05
25 July 2017

Like it were 2005 once again: bad taste is more relevant than ever. For our latest IMG Original, we teamed up with vintage collector and style consultant, Gabriel Held (who admits coming into his own when he first saw Lil’ Kim’s eponymous music video for “Crush On You” in middle school), to reenvision aesthetics made popular by Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera in their heyday.

Ella Bales, Valerie Wetmore, Monica Cima, and Marquita Pring, take to the streets of Brooklyn during the heatwave - donning Dior denim prints, hot shorts, and bucket hats - to create what we like to call “Summer of Scorch ‘05”.

Director of Photography: Aaron Bernstein
Producer: Marcus Holmlund
Stylist: Gabriel Held
Makeup Artist: Andrea Tiller
Hair Stylist: Seiji